I ran across a story recently having to do with the most requested last meals inmates chose before they were put to death (why someone thought we needed to know this, I don't know), but most went with some sort of meat, french fries, pie and a few even ordered salads.  The story got me thinking.  What would I have as my "last meal."  Of course, pizza would be tops on my list.  Anything but anchovies, they have a way of contaminating everything else they come in contact with.  After that I think I would want a grilled hamburger with a big slice of onion and ketchup; either that or a thick chunk of Velveeta cheese and nothing else, just the cheese.  My number three would be my Grandma's fried chicken.  Man, could she make a great fried chicken.  I remember whenever she would make chicken for the big Sunday meal, we would walk into her kitchen and it would be grease EVERYWHERE...the counter tops, the cupboards, even her glasses would be covered.  I have yet to sample a piece of chicken that could give my Grandma a run for her money.  So, what would you order?  I would be interested in hearing from you.  Just leave me a comment and I'll pass along the results on tomorrow's "Main Street Cafe."