It used to be whenever you heard the word "organic" visions of tree-huggers, bags of  granola , tie-dyed clothing, and unshaven legs would come to mind.

Today the word is creating better connotations. With communities across the nation looking to conserve water resources, organic gardening practices are strongly encouraged.

Adding mulch around plants and trees, planting perennials in similar water zones, and encouraging soil health, are just a few ways that organic practices can be accomplished.

Gardening naturally isn't all that new. Your grandparents probably gardened that way. My Grandmother would toss her vegetable scraps, egg shells, and coffee grounds into a corner of the garden. They would later be spread throughout with a pitchfork, not a tiller.

Today's compost pile can also be kept in a corner of the garden, in two side-by-side bins of pallets and chicken wire, or a plastic tumbler. The tumbler allows for easier turning.

Rain barrels are also a great idea. Every gardener has seen the difference between water from the garden hose and water from Mother Nature. Collecting water in barrels allows you to have that wonderful resource readily at hand.

So keep the love beads in the back of the closet and your Lady Schick in the shower- going organic in 2014 can be done with simple steps in anyone's garden.