The issue has been out of the public mind in recent days, but it shouldn't be.

We've heard a lot lately about the harassment of women in the military services, and it should make all of us angry and prompt us to call for reform.

Maybe it's just that awareness is higher and more cases that otherwise would be swept under the rug are instead being reported. But women who volunteer for military service should not have to worry about sexual harassment and worse.

I don't have any military background and  we don't have daughters, but we do have three grandnieces who are very dear to us.

Imagine a young women close to you enlists to serve her country and finds it to be a nightmare. I'm not saying all women do, or anything of the sort. But one case of harassment is one too many.

We haven't seen the end of this, or the resolution of it.

But female soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines should be able to expect better. They deserve it.