I love movies. The best way I know how to spend some time relaxing and being entertained is to put a movie in and fix some snacks.

The other day I did a story about gangster movies. Then there's comedies, drama, action and love stories. I've got them all in my treasured collection.

But there's a little bit of a catch as to which disc to insert into the DVD player. With my wife and son joining me for a movie, we have to pick one that all three of us enjoy.

Now that means my action shows and so on have to stay on the shelf. The process that seems to always come into play when choosing what to pull of the shelf is who stars in the movie.

I will ask, 'who do you feel like watching?' Tom Hanks comes up as the answer quite often from all of us in the house.

Now with Tom Hanks as the choice, we can go with all kinds of movies. He can be funny fixing up an old house in 'Money Pit', or serious as a man stranded on an island in 'Castaway'. Or he can play the part of a love story in 'Sleepless In Seattle'.

Watch this video of Tom Hanks' Top Ten Performances:

Not surprisingly, I found Tom Hanks to be the number one choice overall for all movie lovers. Bottom line, how do you know who is the most popular actor? Very simply see who has sold the most tickets at the box office.

I went to the source, Box Office Mojo, and got the answer. Tom Hanks has sold the most at $4.2 billion over his career. That averages to $101 million per film. For the record, his highest grossing film was Toy Story 3.

Morgan Freeman came in at number two. Harrison Ford was number three, Eddie Murphy at number four and Samuel L. Jackson was number five.