South Dakota elections this year feature state wide races,  for Congress and the Public Utilities Commission. All 105 legislative seats are open, and there are ballot issues to figure out. County elections are also part of the ballot.

At Viewpoint University, we will interview the Congressional and  PUC candidates, discuss and disect the ballot issues. Also, we will offer time, and therefore exposure, to independent and/or third party candidates.  With the dominant two party system in this country, it is hard for the voices of those who don't "belong," to be heard.

Every election is important. We grant power to the majority vote getters. They make decisions affecting our lives, health, and wealth.  Selecting them is a serious task.

In my opinion neither party has all the answers which will be good for our country, state,  and local area.  Party ideology is important, but the ability of the candidate to create new ideas, compromise, and leave party dogma behind, is also high on my priority list.

Please join us for Viewpoint University, Monday-Friday, 4-7pm, as we search for the statesman and not today's typical politician.