Have you noticed that the air is fresher in Sioux Falls?

At least when you're attending an event at one of the many City owned properties it is.

According to the City of Sioux Falls residents and visitors have been able to live well and breathe well over the past several months following the implementation of the ordinance regulating smoking and tobacco use on City property.

The ordinance passed unanimously by the Sioux Falls City Council in May was designed to promote a healthier environment, support individuals who wish to quit using tobacco, and provide positive role modeling for youth.

If you are new to Sioux Falls you should know that the Smoking and Tobacco Ordinance prohibits the use of any tobacco products including electronic smoking devices on City-owned property when youth activities take place. Youth activities are defined as those in which the intended participants and/or the intended attendees are primarily under 18 years of age.

Now let's say you want to attend one of the big events here in Sioux Falls. How does that work? Just keep in mind that if the City of Sioux Falls owns the property that means NO SMOKING.

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