When you walk through one of the many parks in Sioux Falls you can be proud to know that it's clean.

Now Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation will be awarded money to improve recycling in the park system.

Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation has received $10,000 from the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources to promote and improve recycling receptacles in Sioux Falls parks.

Current recycling and garbage receptacles in parks will be upgraded by creating a universal color code that matches other containers in public spaces. Blue containers designate recycling receptacles, and black containers are for trash. These standards also will be used moving forward for other new containers purchased by the City of Sioux Falls for other departments. Containers will also be retrofitted with tight-fitted lids, which will help to prevent moisture within the trash and recycling waste streams while reducing litter. Finally, clear marking and labeling will be placed on the containers ensuring that residents have a clear distinction between trash and recycling containers.

With more than 1,200 containers in the park system to receive upgrades, these improvements will be implemented throughout the 2014 calendar year. The goals of this project are to:

  • Increase awareness and educate the public of the new single-stream recycling process and the approved recycling materials in Sioux Falls.
  • Improve the recognition of recycling containers within the more than 75 outdoor parks of the Sioux Falls park system.
  • Recover a higher percentage of recycled materials in parks by increasing participation while improving the quality of materials received.
  • Make these reused containers more visually appealing thus improving people’s experience with Sioux Falls parks.

These 1,200 containers are provided to the City of Sioux Falls at no cost aside from some slight reconditioning expenses because the City retrofits existing containers. The investment is a sign of the commitment not only by Parks and Recreation, but also by the State of South Dakota to help improve recycling education in our communities. These 1,200 containers are all maintained by Parks and Recreation employees, and in most cases, garbage and recycling containers are offered side by side to ensure residents have the opportunity to do their part and recycle with heart.

UIG via Getty Images