Society at large is not always civil.  The specter of crime constantly looms over every community and Sioux Falls is no different. 

KSOO’s Viewpoint University is taking the time this week to delve into the matter because everyone is affected by those who don’t follow the rules.  There are perpetrators, victims, protectors, adjudicators, advocates and subsidizers all playing their part in the cycle.

Two Minnehaha County officials deeply immersed in the process explain that Sioux Falls’ growth in criminal activity is real.  State’s Attorney Aaron McGowan says the latest figures from January 1 through June 2, 2013 compared to the same time period this year shows an increase of 14 percent in this year’s total.

Sheriff Mike Milstead showed statistics that forecast an increasing need for inmate beds that will force Minnehaha County into tough decisions very soon regarding how to build a bigger facility to put criminals.

Both McGowan and Milstead admit the increasing cost of crime in Minnehaha County is difficult to combat because the county has limited mechanisms to raise the taxes to fill its needs.

Join Rick Knobe and Dan Peters for this special presentation on crime in Sioux Falls all week at 4pm on KSOO’s Viewpoint University.

McGowan and Milstead talk crime trends and the upward swing in Sioux Falls.