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A Hope the Canary Might Sing Loudly Again
No Labels, A national grassroots movement of hundreds of thousands of Republicans, Democrats and independents dedicated to a new politics of problem solving, is hosting its Meeting to Make America Work!,
One More George McGovern Memory (or Two)
A lot has been said and is being said about former Senator George McGovern in the aftermath of his death, and I've thought of a couple of things I haven't passed along.
In his 1980 campaign for re-election, the one he lost to Republican Jim Abdnor, George McGovern was the reason Peter, Paul…
Back to Work for Congress
They have a lot on their plates.
Senators and Representatives in Congress went back to work on Monday, after their August recess and before the November elections.
It's too early for anybody to call them "lame-ducks," but we probably get the feeling that the American people will…