mental illness

A South Dakotan’s Recovery from Depression
If you're feeling down and don't think life is worth living,  Carol Baker has a message worth hearing!  Carol, who battled depression for years, savors life moment by moment.
"No matter how ill you get, no matter how down you are---there is help out there...
I Love Life: Recovery From Depression [AUDIO]
One in four Americans suffer from a mental disorder.  Carol Kivler knows that for a fact!
"I was a part time college professor with three healthy kids and a loving husband, a beautiful home and money in the bank.  Yet, depression brought me to my knees...
Surviving Mental Illness [AUDIO]
Most people with mental illness recover and are able to lead fulfilling lives in the community---where they receive ongoing treatment and support.
Linda Naomi Katz, author of the best selling book "Surviving Mental Illness," knows that for a fact...
You Are Not Alone [VIDEO]
Despite gains in the treatment and opportunities for recovery, coping with the difficulties that many people encounter in caring for a relative or friend with mental illness can be difficult.
Wendy Giebink, Executive Director of NAMI South Dakota, says the organization's Family-to-Family program…
Hope For The Mentally Ill [AUDIO]
If you're battling mental illness, Wendy Giebink, Executive Director of NAMI South Dakota, encourages you to participate in one of NAMI's support groups.
"Connections is the NAMI support group for people living with mental illness...
Living With Anxiety [AUDIO]
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States affecting over 40 million adults.
Wendy Giebink of NAMI South Dakota says the good news is that the disorder is highly treatable.  "Of course there are a number of medications that work within the brain to reduce …

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