I Love Life: A Survivor’s Victory over Addiction
Sabrina lost her innocence as a child!
“When I was 13 years old, I had a lot of responsibility.  My folks worked two jobs each.  I was the primary caretaker of my siblings. I also had a boyfriend and my parents were perfectly fine with it because they trusted me
I Love Life: Finding Purpose Through Faith
While in the Navy back in 1973, Lee Green experienced dizzy spells so strong he would topple from his chair or run into a wall. 
“I was taken to sick bay and tested to make sure I wasn’t on drugs.   When they found out I wasn’t, they couldn&CloseCu…
Meet Carol Harper [AUDIO]
Before being hit by a drunk driver and having six surgeries to rebuild her face, Carol Harper was a vivacious, beautiful young lady with a successful career and everything to live for.
After moving to Atlanta, her life changed forever...
The Miracle Child Perseveres [AUDIO]
On September 12, 1991, Darcy Keith's life was pretty normal.  A gifted student in science at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, the attractive, intelligent, and popular 22 year old led an active normal collegiate life.
Then tragedy struck...