My bicycle-riding days are long gone, and it's been quite a few years since I even owned a bike. But I have to admire the guy in Portland, Oregon whose bike was stolen and then recovered.

The Associated Press carried a story this week about a bike enthusiast's expensive ride being stolen and how he and a friend used some trickery of their own to catch the (alleged) thief when they saw it listed for sale.

I don't blame him; I'd want it back, too.


Associated Press
SEATTLE (AP) - An Oregon man has his stolen bicycle back after seeing it advertised on Craigslist and setting up an elaborate interstate sting operation.

Jake Gillum and two friends drove to Seattle last weekend after creating a fake online persona to disguise that they were coming from Portland, where the bike had been stolen about a week earlier. They confronted the seller before police arrived to arrest him and recorded the whole thing in a video posted on YouTube.

The 28-year-old Gillum says it was the "best feeling in the world" seeing the suspect arrested. Craig Ackerman was arrested for investigation of possessing and trafficking in stolen property but has not been charged.

The road bike is a $2,500 carbon fiber Fuji.