Finally the calendar is on March 20th! And to many of us, that means gardening, not basketball.

If you're looking to enhance your landscape or replace something from last year's ice storm, a tree or shrub is a good idea. Now would be a perfect time to consider "bare root" planting.

It's exactly what it sounds like; no soil, no heavy pot, just the tree or shrub, naked to its roots. This not only allows you to make sure the root system is healthy, but it also saves stress on your back and your wallet.

One Green World Oregon/YouTube

Bare Root planting will be the topic on this week's "How's It Growing". Even if you're not planning on planting a tree, I encourage you to visit to the Root Cellar.

The darkened hut, the smell of trees, shrubs, and the cedar mulch that keeps them moist is, for me, one of the first harbingers of Spring.This Saturday, I'll tell you where to find this treat for the senses.

If you do decide to make a purchase, make sure that you don't leave it open to the wind on the way home. They really are that light!

It's always a good idea to have the hole dug before your purchase. Those roots may be covered in mulch, but they can dry out quickly. There is no need to stake your tree. If it tilts, just straighten it gently and tamp down the soil with your foot.

Root stimulator is always a good idea to get your tree going, too. Proper mulching, water, and then tree wrap in the fall, should get you on your way to a lovely yard to enjoy for many years.

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