It's a Saturday night. The oncoming car now appears in the rear view mirror and brake lights glow immediately, followed by the flip to headlights.

Normally when those lights appear behind you, next arrives a tightness in your abdomen and perspiration from every available pore.  Quickly you check the list: Speed - nope right at the limit; Proximity - good distance between the white and yellow lines; Documents - license renewed - registration and insurance current; Personal - all systems functioning with NO impairments.

Then what could be wrong?

This particular traffic stop, is just basically a common courtesy for a malfunctioning headlight.  A ticket is issued, but only a warning for the infraction.

Relief arrives for numerous reasons. Primarily there is solace because of a minor violation of traffic law which can be easily fixed. Secondly there is consolation for the dogged determination of the South Dakota Highway Patrol to keep the roads safe.

This officer was not a crusader as he deduced that a minivan stopped at 8:30 PM in the evening would have kids inside and he had stickers at the ready to dole to the younger passengers.

Well done officer.

Please continue on your mission to keep our highways and streets safe.