The state authorities investigating the highway patrol chase, injury, gunshot incident in Sioux Falls early Wednesday morning aren't telling the public much. Granted an investigation is underway and it is important to be thorough and accurate.

We know the name of the highway partolman, how long he has been serving us, what hospital he is in and we are receiving updates on his condition. We know about a fund set up to help with medical and other expenses.  

We don't know the name of the woman, who allegedly ran over the patrolman. We don't know which hospital she is in, the nature of her wounds, her condition. Seems odd not to know those basic things. I am not expecting to know all the details of what happened, the sequence, was the injury to Patrolman Steen and accident or done deliberately? When, where, and who fired the shots?. I don't need to know that yet either.

However, I am becoming concerned about the "other victim" in this tragedy. Knowing her name, condition, location. seems like basic info the authorities should provide.

They aren't.