Not only will Sioux Falls voters choose candidates to represent them on the City Council and School Board on April 8, they will also decide certain issues that will forge the direction of the city.

One such issue is Referred Law 4 which concerns the rezoning of property at 85th and Minnesota Avenue on the south side of Sioux Falls.  The Sioux Falls City Council voted 7-1 in favor of passing Ordinance No. 49-13.  A group of people collected a sufficient amount of petitions bearing voter signatures to halt the measure and put the choice into the hands of the general public.  If passed the ordinance would rezone the Southwest corner of the intersection of 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue from Agricultural to Planned Commercial, Office and Recreational/Conservation uses.  Wal-mart plans to build at this location if the measure is approved.

Recently an interview was conducted with both sides of the issue represented.  Jeff Gould represented the group opposed to the rezoning and Craig Dewey took the responsibility of promoting the measure’s passage.

Before deciding this issue, it would behoove citizens to listen to both sides of the issue before choosing yes or no.  A yes vote would affirm the City Council’s decision.  A no vote would leave the property as it is.

In Segment 1 Gould questions the proximity of the rezoning to residential areas while Dewey praises the benefits of the expected economic growth.

In Segment 2 traffic issues are discussed because what is in place now at that location will eventually change regardless of the vote.  Sioux Falls’ growth will necessitate infrastructure improvements in all directions.

Segment 3 of the interview covers the city’s initial plans for improving this area which were expected to be in smaller parcels instead of a large segment to provide for building a Wal-mart.  Also the 85th and Minnesota location is the most site-ready of any swath of land in that area.

Listeners to the Viewpoint University program were encouraged to step forward and quiz the panel in Segment 4.

Closing remarks are contained in Segment 5.