The past couple of days I've had this strange feeling, like I'm forgetting to do something.  Oh, now I remember...send the kids back to school.  But I don't have any kids to send off to school...high school that is.  For the first time since 1995, my wife, Suzette, didn't have to take any first-day-back-to-school pictures.  Our son, Aaron, graduated from high school in 2009 and our daughter, Jesse, graduated this past May.  So, it's been kind of weird around the house hearing the neighbors talk about having to go to high school orientation with their kids.  It's hard to believe that in a mere two weeks Jesse will be taking off for college.  We've got one room full of "stuff" she thinks she's going to need.  How exactly she's going to fit it all in her dorm room, I have no idea.  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  What does concern me though is the college she's attending moves all the freshmen in, but you're on your own when it comes time to move out.  So, in other words, I better start working out now because I'll be dragging her "stuff" down three flights of stairs by myself come May.  It's just now starting to sink in how all three of us are about to enter a new stage in our lives.  Jesse heads off to school and Suzette and I become empty nesters.  Even though she's attending Augustana College and will still be in town, I know it'll be tough on both Mom and Dad when we have to say our goodbyes.  I've talked to a number of parents who say the Sioux Falls kids at Augie NEVER go home.  That's okay though.  I want Jesse to take in the entire college experience.  Plus, when her car doesn't start this winter I'll only be a few "minutes" away as opposed to a few "hours" away.  And then there's May when I'll only have to haul her "stuff"a few blocks rather than cross country.  Hooray...I think!