It was just a small amount of snow that fell in Sioux Falls Thursday morning, some of it before the sun came up.

And while it didn't amount to much, it did remind us of what we can expect off and on for the next five or six months. If we're lucky.

I say that because a dry winter is just bad. It's easy to put up with, because you don't have to shovel sunshine.

But a dry winter seems to lead to a dry spring and summer. Remember last year?

I was right up there with everyone else, enjoying the fact that I didn't have to move snow. I don't think I had to clear a significant amount of snow more than once or twice last winter.

I don't like snow--I just tolerate it. And while I enjoy the change of seasons, that doesn't mean I have to like all four equally.

So here's to the snow. I don't like it, but I recognize the need for it. And I'm not even in the snowblower business.

By the way, I was caught without a snow brush or scraper in the car. I hope that doesn't happen again.