One of the coolest towns you'll ever see is Springfield South Dakota.  Today's Small Town of the Day!!  In my travels too and from, I like to take the back roads. One of the neatest signs I've ever seen is for a little farm just outside of Springfield.  According to Gina Ludens it's still there.

Gina was very helpful with information from Springfield.  Check it out!  She says...

Half Ass acres is still there and I think the park by the river you are referring to is Terrace Park.

Bars/Restaurants---Great burgers at Norm’s Liquor, fantastic wraps as Player’s Sports Bar and Grill, and good pizza, roasted chicken, and ice cream at Do-Wa-Diddy’s.

The Springfield Area was explored by Lewis and Clark and General Custer’s Army was camped out around the Springfield area on their way to Little Big Horn.

Springfield is located in the south eastern corner of Bon Homme County right on the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark Lake and is located on an 80-ft chalkstone bluff.

People come from all over the state just for hunting and fishing.

Springfield also has a beautiful nine hole golf course known as Dakota’s Pebble Beach. Dakota’s Pebble Beach has been a #1 rated nine hole course in South Dakota. It overlooks the Missouri River on nearly every hole. Speaking of golf, Springfield is home to MR. Golf Car, Inc. where they can meet any golf car need.

Springfield was once home the USDS Pointers, where the college students nick-named it “Patch”. Many local people still refer to Springfield as “Patch” today. Now the college premises is a state prison which is our largest employer. Rush-Co Industries is our second largest employer.

Springfield also have two museums: the College Memorial and the Historical Society.

Springfield is most known for the famous 4th of July celebration where Frog Jumping is a hot commodity. (Yes, we actually jump frogs to win some cash and bragging rights.) The 4th celebration also offers amazing fireworks, professional bull riding, a street dance, a 5k run and many other events.

There is a K-5 elementary school. From there, students continue education at Bon Homme Middle and High School.

Springfield has the oldest weekly newspaper in South Dakota.

Springfield has its own airport, where several local pilots store their planes and fly often.

Springfield is a family-friendly community where everyone is warm.