It should not come as a surprise that the Sioux Falls Skyforce has been entertaining partnership offers from NBA teams.  The Skyforce has been openly shopping a relationship as a sole affiliate for an NBA team for a few years.

What was revealed recently indicates that some hard decisions have been made as to whether Sioux Falls is a viable option for the NBA Development League.  The desired option for the Heinemans who own and operate the Skyforce is to have local ownership but affiliate with only one NBA parent club.  In the trade it is called a hybrid relationship as coaches, players and trainers work within the framework of one NBA franchise.  However, the day-to-day decisions are made by the local people.

Greg and Mike Heineman entertained an offer from an unnamed NBA team that wanted to buy the Skyforce outright.  As part of the deal, pro basketball would cease to exist in Sioux Falls and the offer was declined.  Will we ever know which franchise sent the offer?  The safe bet is no.  Mainly because revealing the potential buyer would betray trust and sour any future negotiation with any team.

Subsequently, the NBADL is going to stay in Sioux Falls for now.  The public should be put on notice that if the Skyforce are going to remain long term in Sioux Falls fan and corporate support is needed.  This year it appears that the Heinemans have invested heavily in coaching and player development.  Very soon we shall see if it pays off.