Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services in Sioux Falls says the name of a candy is synonymous with a dangerous trend.

If you hear your son or daughter talk about a 'skittles' party, Jensen says there is reason to worry.

"Kids come to a party.  Their admission is to have prescription pills with them.  Once in the party, the pills are put in a bowl.  When the teens use those pills, they don't know what they're getting.  We've seen some really serious issues happening with kids not knowing what kind of prescription pills they have been putting in their bodies."

Jensen says prescription drugs can be dangerous!

"Parents and kids don't realize the significance of abusing prescription medications.  We see all kinds of implications and complications."

Jensen says the best thing you can do as a parent is cut off the source.

"Count your prescription medication, and if possible, keep it locked up."