A tenant of an apartment on fire was rescued on Monday (March 12) at the the Roosevelt Estate Apartments, 3200 South Theodore in Sioux Falls just before 10:00 PM.

Fire fighters first one the scene reported heavy smoke, sprinklers spraying water and water coming from an apartment on the third floor.

Steven Brunette from Sioux Falls Fire rescue described crews coming through the apartment for anyone inside. "Upon entry, fire personnel conducted a quick primary search of the apartment and found one occupant still inside" said Brunette. "The fire crew rescued the occupant from the structure and brought the individual outside to the second arriving fire crew. The injured tenant was quickly loaded into the Paramedics Plus ambulance for transport to the nearest hospital."

Fire crews ensured the flames were out, evacuated everyone inside, did a second search for more tenants and began ventilating the entire building to rid it of smoke.

Thanks to the sprinkler system kicking in, the fire was only in one room. Damage in the apartment building was extensive in the unit where the fire had occurred. Smoke and water damage also spread to nearby units.

No firefighter injuries reported and Fire Inspector Mike Schmidt is working with ATF on the fire cause and determination.

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