If you're like me, you have someone else do your taxes each year.

This time of year accountants, tax firms and those guys with two popular initials are really busy trying to save you money so you don't have to pay it in to Uncle Sam.  Regardless if you owe or will receive a refund, the work is on the one you hired.

So give them a break and let them do their job in peace!

Example:  Our tax service sends out a letter each year telling us the rates have either stayed the same or that there will be a slight increase.  Guess what?  This year it's the latter.

An additional note in the letter:

If you arrive at your tax appointment with children under six years of age they will be greeted with a smile, a can of Red Bull and three cats.'

Ahhhhhh, all is well and everyone is happy!  Unless you owe the government.