It was a storm that dumped a considerable amount of freezing rain, sleet and snow across Sioux Falls.  This weather event was so large, snow was measured in feet west of the Missouri River.

Certainly a good number of people had been praying to get some moisture this spring to get the crops started.  Mission accomplished.  Nonetheless, we could take a little time to talk about calling on Almighty God to ask him for blessings.  Jesus taught his disciples to pray “Give us this day our daily bread” as one of the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer.  Which is to say, “Lord, please give me what I need to help me get through this day.”  From there we trust the infinite wisdom of the Father to provide that measure.

Is thirty inches of snow what we need?  Probably not.  Those who do not believe in God chase after some explanation for why these events happen.  Climate change, burning of fossil fuels or dumb luck head the list of excuses.  Consider that in America that almost every corner has had to withstand some sort of weather phenomenon over the past 3 years.  Hurricane Sandy comes to mind first off, with wildfires, drought and tornadoes affecting this nation somewhat.

Be advised that this religious tone will continue.  Think about how awesome it is that God would know how many hairs are on your head.  The palpable love of one who would send his Son to be sacrificed for our misdeeds.  How much power could a God have that could resurrect him from the dead?  Enough you would believe to use his creation to tell you, “Follow me.  Repent for the kingdom of the Lord is at hand.”  Consider this an invitation to investigate God in your own way.  Then decide to accept or reject.  Those who are firm believers in God, it’s assessment time.  See the signs placed before you and listen.