SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — An Army veteran from Sioux Falls wants all schools in the city to make an observance of the U.S. flag a part of every day.

Students at elementary schools in the district recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. At middle schools and high schools, the pledge or some other patriotic activity takes place only during schoolwide assemblies.

Veteran James Booman tells the Argus Leader that he thinks students at all grade levels should be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

The school board is considering requiring the pledge daily at middle schools, but not at high schools. Board member Todd Thoelke cites the flurry of activity that takes place at a high school early in the morning.

People in Sioux Falls are reacting the idea on Facebook. Here are some of the comments being posted:

  • Marc Hicks - I think the lack of respect for our country by younger generations is largely due to this being removed or minimized. The destruction of our nation began in the classroom
  • Laura Ann - I went to a Catholic school and we recited The Pledge of the Allegiance and our prayers every morning before class. It taught me to love God and believe in Him. I also learned to LOVE & HONOR our beloved USA! always.
  • Des Biggins - Get rid of "under God" in the pledge and let all kids equally pay respect to the symbol of our country.
  • Rob Bendt - Absolutely.
  • Drew Durigan - Uh, comes the ACLU with an army of lawyers...
  • Dawn Hanson - I think it would only be right to salute the flag, every day!
  • Jeremy Achterhoff - Excellent idea! Kids, more now than ever, need more God and Country in the classroom.

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