Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens says the Department's Street Crimes Unit made two more prostitution arrests this week.  Over the weekend, two Sioux Falls woman were picked up on pimping and one of them on prostitution charges.

"These two different women had similarities---the same pictures were used for these two different ads. Officers got a hold of these women and found out they were staying in the same room in Sioux Falls. Once they arrived at the room, both women were inside and were arrested for prostitution and drug related charges. There were some drugs that were found---some marijuana and in one of the woman's bag, officers found a bunch of Zanex pills (a prescription pill).

Clemens says the women were apparently working by themselves.

"In this instance we didn't find any evidence of these women being trafficked. That certainly is the focus of these prostitution arrests. We are looking at women being forced in this and doing it against their will. We want to get them out of this. The two women that were arrested traveled here with the sole purpose of prostituting themselves."

The two Wisconsin women are identified as 25-year-old Sylvia Hudson and 24-year-old Ashley Triggs.