Although he is a full time student in seminary, Jesse Walhof is also the lead street outreach specialist for Volunteers of America!

Five nights a week, Jesse walks the streets of Sioux Falls looking to make a connection with the homeless.

"Basically me and my team," Jesse tells me,"go out on the street and find a place where we know they're at---like the library, the Banquet.  We spend time talking to them.  The whole purpose of that is to build relationships because our mentality is that relationships are the way true ministry is done.  Relationships are the way in which change happens.  After we talk to them, our team goes out on the streets and look for the ones that don't want to be found---whether that be underneath bridges, in trees, where ever they're at.  We've been doing this long enough we know where the homeless like to congregate."

And, that's how Jesse builds a relationship with each individual.

"We say---we're here for you if you need anything please come find us.  Through these relationships, people start to trust us.  We get to learn more about them and what they need.  They know they can come to us for anything."

Thanks to Jesse and his team from Volunteers of America, lives are being changed in a positive way.

No doubt about it!  Jessie Walhof is a man of faith.

"Following the Lord's call is everything.  This is what I'm called to do and I'm proud to do it."