The Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau staff is preparing for their annual sales blitz next week in Washington D.C.  That's the word from the Bureau's Teri Schmidt!

"That's where we call meeting planners, qualify them and set up appointments before we go.  These are meeting planners that we know are interested in Sioux Falls.   The greatest news of all is that 2 of them have said 'you're not going to meet with just one of us.  We're setting up a luncheon---one of them will have 12 meeting planners.  The other one will have 7 meeting planners come in.'   We have never had that happen before---so we know the work is paying off."

From first hand experience, Teri says the out of state trips produce results!

"It takes years to book some of this national business.  If we keep going back and maintaining contacts with these people---eventually it happens."

No doubt about it: the word is getting out about Sioux Falls---thanks to the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau and its staff!