One of the main construction projects for the city of Sioux Falls this season is a reconfiguring of the interchange at mile marker 399 on Interstate 90. This is the intersection of I-90 and North Cliff Avenue one of the main gateways to the city of Sioux Falls.

What follows is a close-up look at the current phase of construction and how travelers will navigate the construction zone.

(Photo submitted by Dan Peters)

The above picture is the newly fashioned westbound exit off the interstate. There are a couple of things to keep in mind to navigate this off-ramp.

(Photo submitted by Dan Peters/KSOO)

First is a temporary crossover built for this project and the ramp speed limit of 25 miles per hour. Candidly, you could come off the ramp at a quicker pace than that safely, but remember this is a temporary structure and a lot of heavy vehicles will use this exit. The slower speed will allow the asphalt to last longer.

(Photo Submitted by Dan Peters/KSOO)

The angle for this exit is a bit different as well as you come off I-90, thus requiring the slower speed. Not to mention this is a construction zone, there are workers occasionally in this area.

(Photo by Dan Peters/KSOO)

Note the new off-ramp continues parallel to the old off ramp for this project with the accursed cones to guide you.

(Photo by Dan Peters/KSOO)

There is a traffic signal placed at the end of the new off-ramp to accommodate you.

As far as other considerations for travelers, there is currently two-way traffic on I-90 using the east bound lane. So getting on the super slab going east you will need to be wary of a tight fit. Getting on I-90 going west will be less stressful as head-to-head travel ends just after the interchange.

(Photo by Dan Peters/KSOO)

This look is heading south on Highway 115.  The entire project is to be completed by early November 2013.