At two and a half years old, the news was disheartening.  Your son has cancer.

Fast-forward to three years later and the journey is done.  Your son is cancer-free.  The time has arrived to party.  Charlie Peters is six years old and in conjunction with that birthday, we celebrate the end of chemotherapy in pill form and no more spinal taps and IV drugs.  Those are the most intense part of the treatment process, however there are still monthly visits for checkups and blood samples.

The event we are planning is Saturday where we will have some of Charlie’s favorites:  hot dogs, potato chips, cake and ice cream.  There will also be inflatable bouncers and various other games.

We will also ask people for presents, but not for our son.  The above picture is a container, which will collect toy cars of the Matchbox or Hot Wheel variety.  This effort is important to us as a family because every child who visits Sanford Children’s Hospital gets a prize.  It makes the ordeal of getting poked or prodded a little more palatable.  The Child Life division is always in need of prizes for patients, thus the Cars For The Castle drive.

If you would like to stop by our party from noon to 3pm on Saturday, November 17 and drop off a Matchbox or Hot Wheel car or two we would like to have you visit.  Have your kids jump a bit and enjoy a little treat.  The location is Memorial Lutheran Church 5000 S. Western Avenue in Sioux Falls.

These cars are not just for cancer patients, they will go to all areas of treatment at Sanford Children’s.  Some of these cars cost as little as 99 cents, but they do much more in value to those who have to go through traumatic events and ongoing treatment.  Come spread a little pre-Thanksgiving cheer with us.