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Trail Running is a Great Escape and Grueling Challenge
I've been running for fitness, recreation and competition for several years. Admittedly, I came to it late, after my 40th birthday somewhere. But now I've done marathons and Ironmans and in the past few years, trail running.
Good News on Trade Buried in Trump's Testy Week [OPINION]
President Donald Trump had quite a week. From the FBI searching his personal lawyer's office, to pardoning Scooter Libby, to the first early details of the James Comey book, to finishing up the week with launching a round of missiles into Syria, it's fair to say that, even for Trump, it wa…
South Dakota Loses in a Trade War with China [OPINION]
Where did we think this tariff thing was going to go? The daily escalation of threats and saber rattling between the Trump Administration and China started with steel and aluminum and has -- predictably -- landed in the lap of South Dakota farmers.
Local Musicians on Different Folk Records Hosting Concert
Different Folk Records -- the local label supporting local acts -- is hosting a concert called Different Strokes on Sunday (March 24.) The show is at the Orpheum Theater on North Phillips Avenue, which is wonderful venue to see live music if you've not been there in awhile.