What's going on?

South Dakota Loses in a Trade War with China [OPINION]
Where did we think this tariff thing was going to go? The daily escalation of threats and saber rattling between the Trump Administration and China started with steel and aluminum and has -- predictably -- landed in the lap of South Dakota farmers.
Local Musicians on Different Folk Records Hosting Concert
Different Folk Records -- the local label supporting local acts -- is hosting a concert called Different Strokes on Sunday (March 24.) The show is at the Orpheum Theater on North Phillips Avenue, which is wonderful venue to see live music if you've not been there in awhile.
City Hall's Barrage of Facts over Noise Limits [OPINION]
City Hall must be getting a lot of flack over the controversy that's blown up over the recent noise complaint that led to Icon Lounge suspending live music at its downtown location. They must also have heard that a bunch of live music and entertainment aficionados and supporters plan to show up…
Great Winter Entertainment Combo in Sioux Falls
February gets a little long, no surprise there. There are years when we get a reprieve from extended snow cover and temperatures rise above what we're used to. Then there's normal. Then there's 2018.
Anti-Islam Crusade Not Reflective of South Dakota [OPINION]
State Sen. Neal Tapio's latest attempt to demonize Islam was defeated in the South Dakota Senate last week. The Senate voted 19 to 16 against a resolution asking the federal government to identify the root causes of terrorism.
Sioux Falls Film Company Releases "Poor Mama's Boy"
I like having creative people on The Patrick Lalley Show whenever we can. That includes musicians and writers and photographers. Maybe surprising to people living here, it also includes filmmakers.