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The Underlying Danger of Neal Tapio, Part 1 [OPINION]
Neal Tapio is a state senator from Watertown who was the state director for the Donald Trump campaign in South Dakota. He's also rumored to be seeking the Republican nomination to run for the U.S. House or Representatives. Beyond that most South Dakotans probably didn't know anything about…
Banning Out-of-State Money Restricts Political Speech [OPINION]
Here's another phrase you're going to hear a lot for the next 10 months: Initiated Measure 24. That's the issue that is going to be on your ballot in November that -- if approved -- would ban out-of-state contributions to citizen-initiated campaigns.
Golf Course Management Contract Messed up by City Hall [OPINION]
The City Council on Tuesday decided not to approve the selection of Landscapes Unlimited of Lincoln, Neb., to manage the city’s three public golf courses. It was the culmination of several weeks of speculation and suggestion since the announcement was released in October, that the city would …
The Natural World is Out There Waiting For You
I held my breath. I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest. But I wanted to listen to the world around me. The wind, the birds, the distant cars on the highway. I wanted to hear my world.
The Infamy of Gitchie Manitou Kept Me Away For More Than 40 Years
I’d never been to Gitchie Manitou. That changed on Saturday (Dec. 16). I was born and raised in Sioux Falls and lived here nearly my entire life, yet had never visited the small Iowa State Preserve, just across the Big Sioux River. It’s so close that, if the powers that be ever decide …
Father Joins Sanford Researcher Hoping to Save Daughter's Life
Dan Brendtro is on a mission to save his daughter's life. Reana Brendtro, now 16 and a student at Lincoln High School, was diagnosed with Friedreick's Ataxia when she was 11. There's no cure but that hasn't stopped Dan from trying to find one.
Global Fat Bike Day Latest Sign of Joyful Cycling Community
Global Fat Bike Day is big for folks who like to ride bikes with wide tires on dirt and gravel or off the beaten path entirely. The observation of this year's event on Saturday (Dec. 2) in Sioux Falls drew more than 50 riders, demonstrating the popularity of fat tire bikes in general and the gr…
Hotel and Parking Ramp Plan is Good for Downtown [OPINION]
The announcement on Wednesday of a public/private partnership to develop a downtown block is an exciting and positive step for Sioux Falls. There will be plenty of discussion surrounding the finances of the deal -- valued at $50 million -- including the parking ramp, hotel and retail space. Notably,…