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Anti-Islam Crusade Not Reflective of South Dakota [OPINION]
State Sen. Neal Tapio's latest attempt to demonize Islam was defeated in the South Dakota Senate last week. The Senate voted 19 to 16 against a resolution asking the federal government to identify the root causes of terrorism.
Sioux Falls Film Company Releases "Poor Mama's Boy"
I like having creative people on The Patrick Lalley Show whenever we can. That includes musicians and writers and photographers. Maybe surprising to people living here, it also includes filmmakers.
South Dakota Lawmakers Need Refresher on Free Speech [OPINION]
I don’t know how it’s possible that our legislators keep trying to do things that are so clearly unconstitutional. The latest example is a proposal by Rep. Sue Peterson, R-Sioux Falls, to make it illegal to alter the South Dakota state seal in any way.
Six-Man Football in South Dakota Not a Solution [OPINION]
Really? We’re going back to six-man football in South Dakota? The South Dakota High School Activities Association is in the midst of deciding whether to eliminate the smallest of the nine-man classes and start a six-man division.
The Underlying Danger of Neal Tapio, Part 1 [OPINION]
Neal Tapio is a state senator from Watertown who was the state director for the Donald Trump campaign in South Dakota. He's also rumored to be seeking the Republican nomination to run for the U.S. House or Representatives. Beyond that most South Dakotans probably didn't know anything about…
Banning Out-of-State Money Restricts Political Speech [OPINION]
Here's another phrase you're going to hear a lot for the next 10 months: Initiated Measure 24. That's the issue that is going to be on your ballot in November that -- if approved -- would ban out-of-state contributions to citizen-initiated campaigns.