Coming up today on VPU, Rick Knobe will be out of the office.  He is set to return on Monday.  In the meantime, Dan Peters and Todd Epp will host the show after the completion of Twins baseball from Chicago.

At 5:00pm join us for a conversation with Laura McCarten of Xcel Energy.  There have been some outages in Sioux Falls and she will join us to address those concerns and look to the future of powering the city.

When 6:00pm arrives, Ryan Casey who is head of the Lincoln County Democrats will speak about the expansion of Medicaid.  Casey is also a member of the Catholic faith and has been outspoken about Bishop Paul Swain’s reluctance to embrace the expansion.  Another note about Mr. Casey is that he is a Naval Reservist and has first hand experience with the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. where the shooting occurred this week.