In light of the deadly shootings across the country, Sioux Falls Police Lt. Jeff Garden encourages residents to be aware of their surroundings.

"Just have an idea of who's out there. In every situation and location it's going to be subjective. There are lots of things you going to notice and are going to take place. I am not suggesting people become hyper vigilant where they're at and where their environments are. That will stress out a person and make their very tired."

What about making a business or church safe?

"Limit access to only supervised doors. If the whole building is wide open and unsupervised it makes it tough. If we just have supervised entries then it makes it much easier to deal with."

It's also important to have a surveillance system that works.

"Have those in the building as well as have the technology that can be used by remote via smart phone or similar device and not tied to one location. Different people can view them."

If you have questions about creating a safety plan, Garden suggests you contact the police department for assistance.