The city of Gettysburg has received a resignation from Police Chief Bill Wainman. It's too early to tell if the action is related to recent controversy about the department's logo.

Gettysburg Mayor Bill Wuttke says that the city council will take action on Wainman’s resignation at their meeting Wednesday evening. His resignation will not be official until then.

KCCR Radio in Pierre reports that Wainman is currently on vacation and was not available for comment. The resignation states that Wainman’s last day will be the 21st of August.

Wainman’s resignation comes less than a month after the Gettysburg Police Department faced some controversy over their decision to not change a logo that includes the Confederate flag despite many calls for the insignia to be altered.

Wainman said recently the police patch is a tribute to the history of the town, which was settled by Civil War veterans in the 1880s. He says it has nothing to do with racism.

The debate about the patch came to light after the shooting deaths of nine people at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina. A national debate has continued about the flying of the Confederate flag including South Carolina removing it from the State Capitol.