The Annual Kingswood Rummage Sale opened this morning in Southwest Sioux Falls and runs through the weekend.

There are over 300 sales registered this year, and that doesn't include those that randomly pop up.

Before heading out to dicker for a bargain, you need to know what not to do.

  • Remember, every item is something the owner once bought and probably liked.  Don't pick it up, groan and wonder who had such bad taste.  She's probably watching over the cash box.
  • When an item is marked down to almost nothing, don't ask for a better bargain.
  • Watch your kids.  Don't let them pound the computer keyboard or play with toys that might break.
  • Don't ask to use the bathroom.  You know you're a good person, but you're probably a stranger to the homeowner who doesn't have time to go into the house with you.
  • Don't smoke in the garages.  Ashes can soil merchandise.
  • Don't eat or drink while shopping.
  • Don't show up with large bills.
  • Don't show up too early!

One thing I've learned over the years is that garage sales are great places to get gifts for people you don't necessarily like.  Especially since they won't be able to return them - I'm just saying!

For more information on this year's Kingswood Rummage Sale, click here.