July 17 is National Peach Ice Cream Day.  Alas the easy road of grabbing a container off the shelf at the local grocery is most likely not an option.

There are few or no companies that offer a pre-mixed peach ice cream.  Although if you do it right, the payoff is huge and the experimental phase could be fruitful, too.

In this do-it-yourself treat, get fresh peaches for the highest reward.  If you can put up with the compote, be my guest.  From there the nut of your choice would be a nice addition.  There is even an adventurous mint peach shake concoction if your heart desires.

Searching for peach ice cream at the store turned unsuccessful.  Making the best of a bad situation turned into sweet victory.  For yours truly who is unable to resist the draw of any ice cream, a suitable alternative becomes the goal.  When the eyes locked on a Strawberry Rhubarb flavored ice cream, the following clip shows that blessings come when you spread your wings.