The response time for Paramedics Plus just got a whole lot faster this week for patients needing their services in towns like Harrisburg, Tea and other areas on the south side of Sioux Falls.

KSFY TV is reporting the ambulance company that is responsible for providing services to the city of Sioux Falls, has opened a new facility in Harrisburg.

The new Paramedics Plus facility is located right off Interstate 29, just four miles from both Harrisburg and Tea.

Paramedics Plus Chief Operating Officer Michael Bureau told KSFY TV, “What this is going to do is put a resource in between both instead of a resource coming into that area from Sioux Falls.”

Thanks to the new facility, the hope is to cut off eight, to ten, even 15 minutes in response time in some cases. The new base should also improve response times to the south side of Sioux Falls, together with the emergency calls that come in along Interstate 29.

Six paramedics and EMTs will man the new facility at any given time during a series of 24-hour shifts.

Source: KSFY TV

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