Crude oil is just one component of the types of energy produced.  Coal, wind, solar, hydro and nuclear make the list of available sources.

Considering the amount of energy needed to live in America, prudent steps should be taken to explore and expand opportunities to meet the demand.  Matt Koch who is the VP at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Energy strikes a positive tone for the implementation of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Koch highlights the thousands of jobs to be created in the construction phase as the first impact.  Not to mention the energy itself that has the potential of sparking job creation in other sectors due to economic growth in general.

As to the question raised by environmentalists of the “dirty” Canadian tar sands, Koch states plainly, “It has properties not unlike every other sort of heavy oil crude that’s being used in refineries.  The people who say (this is dirty) are opposed to fossil energy use.  Period.”

Numerous studies and environmental impacts have been conducted.  Koch says all that’s left is for the Obama administration and State Department to forge ahead with approval.  The time table is now at five years and counting.  For a longer form study of the conversation, the complete interview with Rick Knobe on KSOO’s Viewpoint University is in three segments below.

Matt Koch VPU Segment 1

Matt Koch VPU Segment 2

Matt Koch VPU Segment 3