Life-long resident of Sioux Falls who is an educator by trade, Rick Kiley wants to represent the Southeast District on the City Council. 

Kiley’s biography includes 33 years teaching in the Sioux Falls Schools at the high school level at both Lincoln and Washington retiring four years ago.  In addition, Kiley holds a 37-year track record with the South Dakota Safety Council and still maintains that relationship.

Admittedly, Kiley sees numerous needs for Sioux Falls, but is focused on three main planks.  “Transportation is one because a 2013 citizen survey gave it the lowest rating.  It’s great to have growth, but sometimes it’s a double edged sword.”  Public transit also serves as a motivator.  “Our transit system is under stress financially because of expanding population and the need to expand routes but limited funding to do it.”

Public safety ranks highly on Kiley’s list and so does work force development.  “We must be able to provide trained and skilled workers to existing as well as potential businesses.  I propose that (the city) work with public schools, the tech schools, the universities and continue the dialogue with state government to assist business and industry in acquiring qualified employees.”

Kiley faces Bonita Schwan for the privilege to serve on the Sioux Falls City Council from the Southeast District.  For a deeper discussion on what Rick Kiley is about check the samples below.

Segment 1: Who is Rick Kiley?

Segment 2: Rick Kiley lays out his first two priorities

Segment 3: Then continues with the third main focus area in workforce development.

Segment 4: Defining problems and collaboration on solving is the key.