For the first time ever, McEneaney Field on the campus of O’Gorman High School hosted the Class AA portion of the South Dakota State Track Meet on Friday.

It is a significant honor to be earned by the school.  Spectacular turnout for the event led to a parking conundrum, however which is no surprise to those who have attended high caliber football matchups.

Compounding matters were the extra busses required to get the athletes there and their need to perch for a while.  More schools mean more big rigs that take up more space.  That aspect will no doubt be studied if ever the South Dakota High School Activities Association decides to award the track meet to O’Gorman again. (and no the SDHSAA would probably not allow O’G to charge for parking)

(Dan Peters/KSOO)

It marks a contrast to the space availability at Howard Wood Field for the Class B segment.  If you switched places, however the same result would apply.  There’s a serious shortage of space available on the Catholic school campus.  The USF Sports Complex does present an intriguing option.  Especially since the NCAA will have the Division II Track and Field National Championships there in a few years.