Linda Wolff is a writer who blogs as the "Carpool Goddess". She talks about all things families, life, life as a woman, life in this weird world and she is frequently very funny. This particular article made me laugh because I may have recognized some of the signs in--people who shall remain nameless!

Check out a couple of her observations and my thoughts on them:

  • 10 p.m. is a late night out (8 p.m. on a weeknight!)
  • You really want to go for a jog, but it would take too long to recover (Forget jog, walk around the block!)
  • The music in the store is you're shopping in is too loud, but you're reluctant to ask them to lower the volume (Yeah, the music's loud, but I still can't hear what you're saying)
  • A magnifying mirror and a pair of tweezers are your best friends (Preferably tweezers with an LED light attached)
  • You have a pair of glasses in every room in the house (Must be why I find myself buying 6-packs of reading glasses instead of beer these days!)
  • You've become nostalgic about everything (Remember the time I sent David Cassidy to rehab? Ah--those were the days!)

To see her complete list click here.