It was recently announced that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan gave away the most money of anyone last year.  They gave a billion dollars in Facebook stock to the community foundation in Silicon Valley.

According to "The Chronicle of Philanthropy", the second biggest giver was Texas tycoon George Mitchell, followed by Nike Chairman Phillip Knight and former Near York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Together the top 50 givers donated nearly $8 billion and pledged another $3 billion.

But not all donations come in the form of money.

Take, for example, 79 year old Larry Bioemsma.  He just made his 1 thousandth donation of blood to the California blood bank.

What began as an excuse to get out of some weekend chores turned into a lifelong passion and commitment.

According to a spokesperson with the California blood bank, in the 50 years Bioemsma has donated blood, he's help save close to 2 thousand lives.

So as you can see, yes dollars matter, but so do the less glamorous things like donating blood.