If you want an idea of how government works, here is one example.  Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether joined KSOO’s Viewpoint University.  Mayor Huether is always willing to obtain feedback and suggestions on how to make this city better no matter the topic.

In this particular instance, Student Sandy brought her concern to the mayor.  She feels concern not only for herself, but also for motorists and pedestrians who use the 41st Street/Cliff Avenue intersection.  When the traffic volume is high, Sandy says she waits for a very long time in order to turn left on Cliff.  Eventually after waiting, some drivers lose patience and take unnecessary risks.

Student Sandy Addresses The Mayor

Following that interaction on the radio, Mayor Huether then followed up with his staff.  As a courtesy, Mayor Huether relayed the string of e-mail conversations to Viewpoint University in order to keep citizens informed of the process to improve this traffic sore spot.

I was on KSOO on Monday and some interesting questions (arose), which require some follow-up.  

Heath, please call Sandy to discuss and issue that she has with turning issues at 41st and Cliff and also 10th and Cleveland.  She says that cars are backed up forever and she can’t figure out why the City of Sioux Falls can’t make some simple adjustments.  According to Chief Sideras, who was listening in, said that he knows exactly what she is talking about and can also explain the issues.  Let us know what you find out please.

Let’s get answers so that Mayor Knobe and Dan can relay them to their listeners.  I can learn something as well.
Take care.  Mike

The above message was sent to the City of Sioux Falls Management Team the following day (Tuesday) after appearing on the program.