Royalty-free Image: Cannons on Gettysburg Battlefield

An upcoming series in Sioux Falls should be interesting for anyone who is a Civil War buff.

"Making Sense of the American Civil War" is a series of discussions beginning October 4 at the Main Downtown Library that will feature South Dakota scholars focusing on different facets of the Civil War experience.

I read once, and I wish I could remember who said it, that the Civil War was fought by armed mobs. That's maybe an oversimplification,  but regardless of how military experts view it, it influenced the development of the United States for years. And you could probably make a good argument that its influences continue today.

In fact, one of the scholars to be featured, Brad Tennant of Presentation College, says "Back east it was the Civil War--out here on the Northern Plains it was a whole different situation."

You've probably also heard or read that in the South, particularly in former Confederate states, it's been known as the "War of Northern Aggression."

You can get more information on the series from the Siouxland Libraries.