Things look a little better after the rain stopped in Lincoln County, but Emergency Manager Harold Timmerman still has plenty of concerns.  

On Monday night as rain poured down, Canton was impenetrable by cars and trucks will all roads leading into town covered by water.  By Tuesday all State Highways in the county were open save for Highway 18 east of Canton heading into Iowa.

Timmerman said the secondary roads were another matter.  “They’re an awful mess.  There’s a lot of them washed out and the townships are waiting for the water to go down so we can do a damage assessment and see just how much damage we’ve incurred from this rainstorm.”  So many roads in Lincoln County were flooded according to Timmerman that even finding enough barricades to block them was difficult.

Considering the forecast does hold rain chances for the near future.  The possibility of continued flooding for Lincoln County looms large.