Just so you're clear, this blog is not about whether Native Americans should be allowed to buy back the Black Hills.  In fact, if you want more information, here's the link.  But rather, it's about celebrities sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong.

Here recently several Hollywood types, including Bette Midler and rapper P Diddy, have tweeted about the whole Black Hills issue.

The interesting thing though is I can't seem to find out whether they've actually donated to the cause - important enough to comment on, but not important enough to fork over any bucks?

I wonder how many of these "squeaky celebrity types" have actually even been to the Black Hills of South Dakota?  Suppose they can even find it on a map?

Why do celebrities often times feel they need to chime in on something they know very little about.  Perhaps once you reach a certain "status" in the entertainment industry, it gives you free reign to "flap your gums."

So, here's my idea.  Maybe it's time we give them a taste of their own medicine - we buy the famous Hollywood Hills - and turn it into a feed lot!  So who's with me?

Think about it for a moment, it could serve as a great learning opportunity.  Celebrities could take their spoiled kids on a field trip and teach them where the food in the grocery store actually comes from.

I figure if they can chime in about the Black Hills, I can chime in about the Hollywood Hills.

Just don't ask me for any money - and don't ask me to find it on a map.