Legislators Tim Rave of Baltic, Betty Olson of Prairie City, and Sioux Falls Traffic Engineer Heath Hofteizer will be guests lecturers on Viewpoint University today(Thursday).

Sen. Tim Rave is the Majority Leader in the S.D. Senate. There is talk of a compromise on the subject of expanding Medicaid in our state. We will explore the possibilities with him.

Representative Betty Olson is from the far western part of the state. Very rural. Ranch country. Different issues and priorities. She has introduced two bills dealing with firearms. One eliminates the fee charged to obtain a conceal permit. The other would allow a person with a conceal permit to enter a state courthouse and be allowed to keep the weapon in their possession.  A third bill deals with education. She, and others, want a mandate that all first and second grade students must be proficient in the required subjects before they are allowed to move to the next grade.

Heath Hofteizer, Sioux Falls Traffic Engineer will update us on new signal control devices being installed. He will bring the President of the company which has created this technology.

Viewpoint University 4pm on 1140 KSOO