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An Ohio death row inmate is claiming he's too ill to be executed. As a result he's asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the execution.

The man was sentenced to die later this week for killing a teenager during a 1997 carjacking.

During an exam Alva Campbell became agitated when officials tried lowering him into a normal execution position.

Seems Campbell suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder due to decades smoking.

That same exam also found he has "unsuitable veins" for inserting an IV into either arm.

So, Campbell is asking the Supreme Court to stop the execution claiming he's too ill for lethal injection.

Attorneys warn the execution could become a "spectacle" if guards can't find a vein in Campbell's arms.

No word yet from the Supreme Court, so the way it stands right now he'll be given a wedge-shaped pillow so he can breath - before he's put to death.

Source: Columbus Dispatch

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