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When he was twenty years old, Hal Elrod was on top of the world!  "I had started my career and was earning a great income living on my own.  I even bought my first new Ford Mustang.  Life was really great!  As one of the top sales reps for my company, I was asked to give speeches quite a bit.  I gave a speech one night and got my first standing ovation!  Life was great.  But, driving home that night, a drunk driver got on the freeway and was driving in the wrong direction.  He hit me head-on at 70 miles per hour.  It was actually a fatal car accident."

In fact, Hal was clinically dead for 6 minutes!  "Another car hit me on my driver side door and broke 11 bones in my body.  I was actually dead on the side of the freeway...clinically dead for 6 minutes and in a coma for 6 days.  Doctors told my parents that if I ever came out of the coma, I would probably never walk again and would be suffering permanent brain damage---making me a vegetable for the rest of my life."

But, that's not what happened---thanks to Hal's positive mental attitude.  "I think a big part of my recovery was I had a really positive attitude.  In fact---so much so that the doctors thought I was in denial.  They told my parents I was always laughing, smiling, joking and making them laugh.  They said that's not normal for someone who doesn't know if he will ever walk again!  That's when I told my parents about the 5 minute rule."

So, what is the 5 minute rule?  "After 5 minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I give myself no permission to dwell on it further.  I learned that from my sales training.  When things don't go your way, you focus all your energy on what you can control---not what you can't change.  That was my attitude.  Within 3 weeks of being told I would never walk again I took my first step and got on an amazing road of recovery---giving motivational speeches and writing books!"

And one of those books titled "The Miracle Morning" climbed to #1 in sales!

No doubt about it!  Hal Elrod "The Miracle Man" is a Real Survivor who is changing lives with his message of hope and encouragement!