When I was in college I at a lot of stuff out of shear hunger. We had very little food money. Our disposable income was classified as "Beer Money". Even though we were know to tip a few brews on and off campus I never got as drunk and stupid as this guy. York University student James White, in a drunken stupor, cooked his roommate’s pet hamster, fried it to be exact. When the cops got there they noticed a “strong smell coming from the kitchen” and found the pet hamster in a frying pan. Mr. Drunky McDrunk Drunk confessed to cooking his roommate’s little friend while drunk to the “point of madness.”  According to  thefrisky.com, when officers asked his name, he referred to himself buy the name of “1,2,3,4.” Eventually White confessed to cooking his roommate’s hamster. He plead guilty in court. They were not able to confirm if the hamster was dead or alive when he hit the Silver Stone. So what is the penalty for such a heinous crime? A small fine and a court order not to have pet for the next eight years. Bon Appétit.